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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wishful Thinking: Pro-choice to Pro-life Conversion

I found this blog entry from an amazing blogger at Reading it reminded me of a lot of pro-choice friends of mine, and sort of made me hope that one day they might go through her same thought process.

I mean, I absolutely believe that someday everyone will be pro-life, just like how no one now thinks it's ok to abandon newborns to die (to use the blogger's example). But whether that will happen in my lifetime or not is completely up in the air. Even so, it would be wonderful to see the people that I love come to realize why I'm pro-life - and then decide that they should be pro-life too!

Ahh ... wishful thinking.

Really, it's a waste of time to wish for things you know aren't in your control. But either way ... the blog entry is an amazing read and I encourage anyone who is reading this to make their way over to And browse through some of her other entries as well!

Addition: Here is another conversion story that I found. I'm including it because it is a bit of a different take on pro-life conversion, and I think that it's so wonderful that she converted a bit later in life. I always hear about how the opinions you form as a teenager and young adult tend to stay with you for the rest of your life - but that obviously isn't always true! And it fills me with hope for the people around me (whether foolishly or not, it's still nice to think that some pro-choicers I know could eventually change their minds) :) Btw, this conversion story is from Abigail's Alcove - read some of her stuff too!

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