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Monday, 11 July 2011

Question of the Week:

Do graphic abortion pictures help or hinder the pro-life cause?


  1. Results:
    They help - people need to see the reality of abortion! 2 votes
    They hinder - graphic pictures simply alienate people 0 votes
    They help - but only when accompanied by the proper information and warning labels 3 votes

    I voted for the third option as I believe that people who aren't prepared to see the reality of an abortion will simply dismiss the photos as fear-mongering in their anger.

    Another interesting (and somewhat horrifying) aspect of this debate is whether or not pro-lifers have a right to even show these photos in public. For instance, at the University of Carlton in Ottawa, the student-run pro-life group was arrested for trespassing as they attempted to set up a pro-life display. You can read about what happened on their blog:

  2. Like you, I'm new to the pro-life blogging world, and I was very interested to see this question posed on your blog. I realize that you've completed and tallied your numbers already, but I was thankful to see that you chose to tackle this rather controversial issue.

    Pro-Lifers, I believe, are very divided on this issue. Personally, I think that showing graphic images, especially in public areas, is wrong and actually hurts the pro-life movement more than it aids it. So much energy is expended on this approach to raising awareness about abortion when it's been shown to not be the most effective means of saving babies.

    From a marketing perspective, it's highly ineffective unless the image we are trying to portray is that we are insensitive fanatics. With our generation being so in-tune to feel-good marketing techniques, we need to change tactics and remember that it's not just a baby that we're attempting to save. The woman is the one with the choice - she's the person that we should be ministering to.

    Just a few quick thoughts. I'm hoping to do a post on this topic eventually. Check out my blog:

  3. Hi Bethany! You bring up a lot of interesting points, and some of them I've spent a long time thinking about. I'm a bit divided on this issue ... on the one hand, I do agree that showing people these photos tends to alienate them, but on the other hand, I feel it would be an injustice to all those lives taken by abortion to not show their fate. I don't know, this can be a difficult issue. I feel that one option would be to warn people ahead of time that these photos are available for viewing - that way they can decide whether they are ready to view them or not.