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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Monday, 2 September 2013

Quote of the Week: "You did not exist until you were born"

 "As for the moronic pro-choice claim that women and men do not reproduce until the child is born, I first heard it at college. While discussing prenatal homicide with my feminist college advisor, I said, "Before I was born, maybe I didn't have legal rights, but I was still me, right?" She answered, "No Chris, you did not exist until you were born." In this case, I was never inside my mother's body. Before your birth, your pregnant mother had something alive in her womb which only  became you at birth. [...] When I confronted a second professor about this, he said when a child is born, it has been "retroactively" inside his or her mother, but that if there was an abortion, no child was killed."

From Live Action.

Have you ever heard such anti-scientific, ridiculous drivel? I honestly cannot believe that college-educated people believe this crap. At least pro-abortion pre-natal scientists admit that abortion kills individual humans (as long as the abortion occurs late enough into pregancy), and that the justifications used for abortion also justify the killing of newborn babies, and children even up to the age of 2 or 3. Those beliefs are repulsive, but they are honest. This feminist crap completely denies reality. Which is worse, to be willfully ignorant in order to justify your beliefs, or to be honest about them and just not care?


  1. I think most people realize that it's completely illogical to say that it's not a baby and then it becomes one the second it's born, but they have to believe that or else they can't live with their position.

  2. Twenty-two years ago, I debated an abortion advocate on a local TV show. She and I were both pregnant at the time. I asked her, on the air, if I was carrying a baby. Her answer was "if you think you are, you are." I then asked her if she was carrying a baby. (She was about seven months' pregnant.) "Well, it's pretty obvious, yes I am now." I figured I had "won" by pointing out an obviously illogical viewpoint. I was stunned when I realized that I hadn't persuaded anyone. Those who already pro-life agreed with me. Those who started out supporting my opponent kept right on supporting her.

    I've been doing pro-life work all this time, and I realize now that the people who disagree with me aren't so much ignorant as they are in denial. These are intelligent people, for the most part, who deny biology because accepting it is just too scary. Recognizing a baby as human, as real, changes one's life. Part of being pro-life is helping one another welcome those changes, and helping to encourage each other and offer practical help when those changes threaten to become overwhelming.

  3. Your feminist advisor is wrong, but so are you. There's no point to talk about why that woman is wrong, because we both agree on that. But let me explain to you why you are also wrong.
    How exactly do you define yourself? Your body, your conscience or your body+conscience? If you define yourself as your body, then yes, you exist from the first second your parents' sexual cells combined to form an egg.
    But if you also define yourself through your conscience, when exactly have you started to exist? If you say from the moment of conception, could you please either tell us about your memories as an embryo, or show us some valid proofs that embryos have conscience?
    You see, the vast majority of people admit that they cannot say exactly when they started to exist, because they see themselves as both body and conscience and it is impossible to say when exactly a fetus acquire conscience.

    1. Well, I would say that this is the point with which we differ. I do not think that "acquiring" conscience is a prerequisite to being me.

      It's true, I don't have conscience memories of being in the womb, but I also don't remember being a baby. I would say my earliest memories are (at the very earliest) after my 2nd birthday. That doesn't mean I only started being me once I turned two. I definitely am the same person I was when I was one years old, just like I am the same person I was when I was in the womb.

  4. Read "Land of Diminished Distinctions" and learn how Abortion, genetic engineering along with the rapid spread of the same-sex culture are all attempts to denounce creation and deem mankind the "all in all".

    1. So, I wasn't going to publish this comment, but I decided to just so I could point out that this homophobic slur is exactly what is wrong with the pro-life movement. "Same-sex culture" is not responsible for abortion, in fact, there are plenty of LGBTQ prolifers, and they should be WELCOMED into our movement, NOT told that it is their fault that babies are being killed!

  5. I just wrote a post about abortion and came upon your blog as I was researching. It's nice to see someone standing up so loudly for what they believe in!