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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Sunday, 10 July 2011

Abolish Human Abortion: A Call To Action ~ Express your pro-life beliefs and DON'T BE ASHAMED!

I am double posting today because I just read through this page from the Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma blog, and thought it was amazing.

Here are some highlights (emphasis is mine):

One of the primary difficulties in raising awareness about the atrocity of abortion in our culture is the fact that most people are simply too concerned with their own personal peace and comfort to make discussion of abortion part of their daily life. Most people, even "prolife" people, are far too socially insecure, sensitive, and afraid of confrontation, to speak their mind or express their opinions about abortion except for when they are within the confines or comfort zones provided by their church, family, and friends.

Such bashfullness is a subtle compromise with the continued occurence of legalized child killing in this country and has been seriously deleterious to the "prolife" cause.

I can personally attest to the fact that more often then not, I choose to not become engaged in a conversation about abortion because I am too worried about the reactions my statement might cause. I am absolutely "insecure, sensitive, and afraid of confrontation", and so many people are when it comes to this debate.

The world out there is perfectly happy with the fact that you are prolife so long as you keep it to yourself. As they like to say, "You do not have to be pro-abortion so long as you do not seek to take away somebody else's right to an abortion." [...] the prochoice lobby knows full well that they have been winning this political battle for the past 38 years and every day that abortion remains legal is a day that some  3,500 women make their way to so-called clinics and end the lives of the children developing within their wombs. Millions of dollars are made and millions of lives are destroyed.

The pro-abortion culture that we live in is perfectly happy with the fact that you are pro-life so long as all you ever do is check a box from time to time and leave them to influence the culture with their so-called "prochoice." [...] They do not want you to transform the so-called right to abortion on demand from a womens' rights issue to a human rights violation. 

Pro-choicers just want you to keep your pro-life opinions to yourself and leave them alone. This is not good for anybody. 

Of course doing nothing to fight for human rights (ALL human rights) is the same as approving of the pro-choice cause, as it lets them continue to influence our culture with virtually no one to speak out against them. No one cares what you think, but when you act on your convictions, people start to care. That's because the only way to change things is to TAKE ACTION. As long as abortion is legal in Canada, and as long as I do nothing about it (no matter how easy it is for me to denounce it on my facebook page, or even here on this blog) I am absolutely approving of the practice because I'm not making it go away. Maybe that's why I always get along so well with my pro-choice friends - I don't genuinely pose a threat to their ideologies! As this article goes on to say:

When we're out there in the world [...] we "pro-lifers" just blend in with the apathetic culture of death that we are supposedly opposing. I imagine that many of us do not wear our pro-life opinions on our sleeves for the sake of social cohesion and comfort, but this is crazy. We should be far more concerned with abolishing abortion than we are with sustaining a culture of apathetic indifference.


Keeping unpopular and controversial views to oneself does create a good deal of personal peace and social comfort, but it also greatly numbs and discourages fruitful discussions about social injustices like abortion. While some disagreements are not worth rocking the boat over, others most definitely are. And sometimes, all one needs to do to rock the boat is express their adherence of a controversial position publicly. [...] we simply must end the mutual assured silence about abortion in our day to day world and arrest the apathy of many pro-lifers who have chosen to quietly agree to disagree on this issue.

So to all you pro-lifers out there who don't take a stand except for when it is comfortable and safe - make your views known. Help change stereotypes, encourage dialog, and never be ashamed. We are different because we are not willing to accept pro-choicers' narrow and shifting views of "personhood". We are different because we never see pregnancy as a disease, and we never see children as undesirable. We are different because we see the beauty in life, in ALL life, because the lives of the unborn are beautiful too and full of the most amazing potential.  We are different because we recognize the injustice of abortion, of killing a human before they are able to see the world beyond their mother's womb. We are not "religious nuts", we are not trying to control women's bodies, and we are not anti-freedom. We need to get our voices out there to change these stereotypes and to support the pro-life cause in a meaningful way. 

The next step from finding your voice is finding a way to make a difference.