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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



______ of the Week

2012/04/20 UPDATE: So it is hard work thinking up questions every week, and I must admit, my blog doesn't really get enough traffic to provide decent answers. So this has now become "blank" of the Week. Meaning whatever I find interesting on a certain week I'll just go ahead and stick right here :)

Question of the Week

"Question of the Week / whenever I think of something good to ask" is a chance for you to speak your mind! A poll will be set up on the right side of the blog, and each question will be posted as a blog entry so you can post your opinions in the comments section. At the end of each week, I'll post my own answer to my question in the comments section. Usually the Question of the Week will be something that's been bothering me lately, or something that I'm not sure about - so I really do encourage my readers to give me some feedback! :)

This week's question (coming soon).

A look back at all the Questions of the Week:
July 4th, 2011: Would you date someone who was pro-choice?
July 11th, 2011: Do graphic abortion pictures help or hinder the pro-life cause? 
January 25th, 2012: What do you think of mainstream media coverage of pro-life news and events?

Quote of the Week

 Some quotes that strike me as particularly beautiful / relevant / interesting.

This week's quote here.

A look back at all the Quotes of the Week:
April 22, 2012: "I choose my own way to burn"
May 17, 2012: "He is a hero in the eyes of women"
May 20, 2012: "I went to the ladies' and cried"
May 27, 2012: "Abortions exist best in the dark"
June 5, 2012: "Statistics are often unreliable"
June 18, 2012: "take a good long look in the mirror"
June 23, 2012: "For I am fearfully and wonderfully made"
July 9, 2012: "It's clearly human"
July 15, 2012: "I took my own children's lives ... twice." 
August 7, 2012: "Open hearts. Open minds. Fair-minded words."
September 6, 2012: "We are clear on this question"


Song of the Week

Music is probably my most favourite thing in the world :) Here I'll be sharing songs that I love.

This week's song here.

A look back at all the Songs of the Week:
April 20, 2012: Listen Through Me
May 3, 2012: If You Want Me
May 14, 2012: White Owl
May 20, 2012: Chant of the Templars - Da Pacem Domine


Video of the Week

A place where I share interesting videos, not necessarily connected to the pro-life cause. Expect randomness!

This week's video here.

A look back at all the Videos of the Week:
May 6, 2012: Man in nursing home reacts to music from his era
May 14, 2012: Democracy, Tyranny, and Liberty
May 23, 2012: "It's Too Heavy", An Oscar-Worthy Toddler Tantrum
May 28, 2012: Equality & Respect: How I'm Equal to Hugh Jackman
June 16, 2012: Hungry
June 25, 2012: Canadians Support Motion312 
November 4, 2012: Sensology 


Opposing View of the Week

Opposing Views is a chance for you to learn what the other side thinks (if you're pro-life) or for you to learn what the other side thinks of you (if you're pro-choice). I will be featuring a blog post by a pro-abortion advocate every week, with a(n) (attempted) rebuttal.  

This week's Opposing View here.

A look back at all the Opposing Views of the Week:
April 27, 2012: Woodworth's Misogyny 
May 16, 2012: Reopen the abortion debate?
May 22, 2012: Why the hell did that woman take her clothes off on campus?!

Some old blog posts written in response to pro-choicers:
August 18, 2011: Further Discussion on a Pro-choice Argument: "It's unfair to force a woman to carry an unwanted child" (read the original post here)
November 12, 2011: Why don't more pro-lifers resort to violence?
April 24, 2012: Back to the Question: Why aren't more pro-lifers violent?