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Friday, 22 July 2011

Reaching Out

I haven't written for awhile, simply because I've been having one of those weeks where you constantly feel stressed out, but looking back, you can't really figure out what was bothering you. At least its finally Friday, and I can start this new week fresh :)

I've been thinking a lot about some pro-life outreach issues. How to explain why the unborn are valuable and deserve the same right to life that every born person has. How to discuss abortion issues in a civil and informative way. How to be a witness to life everyday with friends and family without causing conflict between people.

Even though it shouldn't be, sometimes being a witness to life seems like such a challenge. It can be so easy to slip into an apathetic mindset, because this is such a big issue. It doesn't seem appropriate to discuss abortion with family / friends / boyfriends / children / etc... and sometimes it gets to the point where it is really hard to talk about abortion at all.

I am currently at that point in a lot of my relationships. Discussing abortion is such a terrifying thing to do because I don't want to learn something about the people I care about that will lower my opinion of them. Sometimes it is so much easier to just live in ignorance. And then there is the fear of what others with think of me when they find out that I am pro-life in all circumstances. Will they be willing to talk about my views, to consider my reasoning fairly, and to do their own research into being pro-life? Or will they just dismiss my ideas as the convictions of a religious nut who is incapable of thinking for herself? Its difficult to even post pro-life stories on Facebook because I don't want to start flame-wars.

But it always helps to remember that this is exactly how the pro-choice/pro-abortion side will shut us down. By silencing our voices and dismissing our ideas, and influencing the culture around us until it is too late to do anything about it. So always remember, by keeping silent we are helping abortion remain legal.

Besides, isn't the life of at least one baby worth our discomfort?

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