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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pro-Choicers confuse me sometimes ...

I've had many great discussions with compassionate (if awfully mislead) pro-choicers, and I always try to listen carefully to what they say and understand their reasons for being pro-choice. In fact, I am friends with more pro-choicers than pro-lifers, and I love all of them to bits!

But sometimes I come across a pro-choicer who just doesn't make sense to me. Case in point:

Anastasia Blackwell is, according to her twitter profile, a "Proud Pro-Choice Advocate". Now, I don't know what "destroyed" means in abortion-land, but here in life-city it means:

1. Put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it. (Google Definitions)


2. Completely ruin or spoil (something). (Google Definitions)

Considering my name is "ProLife Girl" and pro-choice rhetoric often involves the intentionally vague phrase of "freedom of choice", can it really be so hard to understand exactly what I meant? Have I converted a pro-choice advocate, or has she twisted my words to somehow mean that a baby destroys his or her mother's life? If so, can this truly be considered a strong, rational argument for the freedom to choose abortion? After all, if that child is already born, an acceptable solution to the mother's hardship would not be to pull of the child's arms and legs and then crush his or her skull now would it?

I hope most of us would answer no. In that case, why should it be a solution of the child is still in the womb?

(Of course, Anastasia could be mistaken in her view of what an unborn child actually is, which is not such an unusual belief. Most pro-choicers I know would never support abortion if they thought a baby in the womb was a human being. Of course, if you are a pro-choicer, arguing about the hypothetical "destruction" of the mother's future life is not an effective way to convert a pro-lifer who believes that unborn children are persons deserving of rights. Pick a better talking point. They exist, I promise). 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Who cares whether the fetus is viable? Quote from Jessica Grose, former editor of Jezebel

"A lot of women have abortions and don't look back. A lot of women don't want a baby, and they don't care whether the fetus is viable or how much money is in their bank account." Jessica Grose, from "Enough With the Grueling, Wrenching, 'I Had an Abortion' Essays"

And this is why, like I keep saying, the abortion debate is not about bodily autonomy. If it was, viable fetuses would be "aborted" through early induced birth, not through actual abortion. After all, both procedures stop you from being pregnant, right? And the whole reason why abortion should be legal is because women should be able to decide if they want to be pregnant or not, right?


Reading things like this make me SO angry. Thank goodness most of the people I know who are pro-choice are not actually pro-abortion like this former editor of Jezebel. No wonder that website is vomit-inducing.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Free societies need ...

... women with balls. Apparently this is synonymous with women who want to kill viable and/or pain-capable pre-born babies and deny women safety regulations.

And this is after Kermit Gosnell, Douglas Karpen, and Live Action's "Inhuman" investigation. Anyone can go read the Gosnell grand jury report to see why exactly these atrocities were allowed to continue (hint: it wasn't because abortion clinics were over-regulated!).

Seriously. The stupid and hysteria burns my eyes.