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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Abortion Arguments

A collection of arguments on the issues surrounding abortion.

"The abortion debate will not go away. The fundamental issue at state is not reproductive freedom, but the desire to extend human rights to all - even the smallest and most vulnerable human beings among us." 


The Case for Life
Pro-Women Answers to Pro-Choice Questions
International Abortion Laws
From First Things 

By Dr. Tony Levatino, M.D.: A Medical Doctor Describes the Dilation and Evacuation Procedure
From LifeSiteNews: Abortion doula admits those pictures pro-life activists flash are real 
From The Vault: Roe Has No Clothes
By Priscilla K. Coleman PhD of Bowling Green State University: A Serious Misrepresentation of the Relative Safety of Induced Abortion Compared to Childbirth Published in a Leading Medical Journal
By Professor Michael Pakaluk of Clark University: 20 Questions for Pro-Choice People
From Secular Prolife: Overview of the Non-Religious Pro-Life Perspective
By Christina Dunigan: The Real Consequences of Choice  
By William Hay: Pro Life: A Physician's Perspective
By Wesley J. Smith: The Unrepentant Bigotry 
By BadCatholic: Rebuttal to "How I lost Faith in the Pro-life Movement" Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3
By Jimmy Akin from the National Catholic Register: Is the Bible Pro-Choice?

Bodily Autonomy:

From this blog:

Blog Posts:

Good Samaritan on Life Support 

Personhood / When does life begin?

Papers & Academia:
By A. Giubilini, Ph.D, & F. Minerva, Ph.D: After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? 
By Peter Kreeft, Ph.D from the Medical Ethics Policy Monograph: Human Personhood Begins at Conception
By M. L. Condic, Ph.D.: White Paper: When does Human Life Begin?
From Psychology Today: Living and Dying: Peter Singer interviewed by Jill Neimark
Klusendorf, Scott: Peter Singer's Bold Defense of Infanticide
Jill Stanek: Testimony for HR 1797 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Blog Posts:
From Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma: Zygote: "Mass" or "Human"? 
                                                                  Dehumanization 101
Michael Pakaluk: Another Noble Tradition Bites the Dust (on the Geneva code of medical ethics)
Dr. Gerard M. Nadal: After-birth Abortion and the Ethics Community's Descent Into Madness (Part I) 
From Abort73: It's All the Same: Why Early and Late-Term Abortion Are Moral Equivalents
From Abort73: The Actual Future Principle (in response to a scholarly paper in support of abortion published by Dr. Elizabeth Harman)
From Life Training Institute Blog: Debate with Malcom Potts (UC Berkeley): Outline of My Rebuttal re: Science of Embryology [SK] 

Life Report: Responding to the Infamous "After-Birth Abortion" Article

The Washington Post: Is infanticide 'madness'?
The Daily Mail: It's a tough life! Amazing picture shows baby yawning in the womb 

The Strongest Pro-Choice Argument (Diary of a Pro-Life Girl Series)
Introduction: The strongest pro-choice argument
Part I: Comments on J. Savulescu (2013) 

Informed Consent

Blog Posts:
Live Action: Study Shows Women Are Confident in Decision to Abort, Not Necessarily Informed
From Secular Prolife: Getting Informed on Informed Consent

Sex-Selection Abortion

Papers & Academia:
By Ray J. G., MD MSc et al.: Sex ratios among Canadian liveborn infants of mothers from different countries 

Blog Posts:
The Abort73 Blog: Sex-Selection in America

Toronto News: Six GTA hospitals won't reveal fetal sex during ultrasound
The Atlantic: Abandoned, Aborted, or Left for Dead: These Are the Vanishing of Pakistan 
The Irish Examiner: The oldest discrimination in the world 

Abortion Statistics and Studies 

The Charlotte Lozier Institute
The Guttmacher Institute 

Papers & Academia:
Auger, N. & Denis, G.: Late pregnancy abortions: an analysis of Quebec stillbirth data, 1981-2006
Koch, E. et al.: Women's Education Level, Maternal Health Facilities, Abortion Legislation and Maternal Deaths: A Natural Experiment in Chile from 1957 to 2007
Koch, E et al.: Response to Guttmacher Institute criticisms by Koch et al. on the Impact of Abortion Restrictions on Maternal Mortality in Chile
Draper, E.S. et al.: An investigation into the reporting and management of late terminations of pregnancy (between 22+0 and 26+6 weeks of gestation) within NHS Hospitals in England in 2006: the EPICure preterm cohort study
Rolnick, J.A. & Vorhies, J.S.: Legal restrictions and complications of abortion: Insights from data on complication rates in the United States (see commentary here)
Down syndrome: 99% happy with lives, a discussion of a down syndrome survey by Brian Skotko and Sue Levine
Fergusson, D. M. et al.: Does abortion reduce the mental health risks of unwanted or unintended pregnancy? A re-appraisal of the evidence
Coleman, P. K.: Abortion and mental health: quantitative synthesis and analysis and analysis of research published 1995-2009 (with commentary and responses) 

Blog Posts:
Fletcher's Blog: Abortion, Breast Cancer: Facts, Lies, and Statistics
MCCL Blog: Why Guttmacher is wrong about maternal mortality and abortion (with links to Guttmacher's criticism and Koch, E. et al.'s response)
Big Blue Wave: Are Third Trimester Abortions Performed for Non-Medical Reasons in Canada? YES! (actually so horrifying - these are babies that can often survive through induced labor so an abortion is absolutely unnecessary for ending the pregnancy)
Big Blue Wave: 2010 Ontario Stats on Gestational Age During Abortion 
Med Students for Life of America: New Studies Report Higher Death After Abortion in U.S., Finland, and Denmark 
Aggie Catholics: Guttmacher Stats
All Our Lives: Drawing Connections: Intimate Partner Violence, Poverty, and Abortion
The Grand Jury Report of Philly Abortionist Kermit B. Gosnell Multiple Counts of Murder
Feminists Choosing Life of New York: Counter the Culture: Abortion as an industry

Pro-life News:
LifeNews: Study Proves Banning Abortion Doesn't Hurt Women's Health
The National Post: Canada hides from its embarrassing abortion statistics
                               If abortion saves lives, what's happening in Chile?
                               Infographic: Abortion in Canada - almost 100,000 documented terminations in 2009 

I'll be periodically updating this page as I read through some more literature. :)