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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Where are all the Canadian Pro-lifers?

This is just an observation I've had once I started this blog, and began to seriously research pro-life issues. I am finding it really difficult to find active pro-life blogs by Canadians, or really any pro-life information from Canadian sites. The vast majority of pro-life sites that I've found through Twitter and Google are American. In terms of the traffic on my site, here's the breakdown:

United States: 383
Canada: 96 (minus a bunch of my own views before I realized how to stop Blogger from tracking them)
Australia & United Kingdom: 8
And then a bunch of other countries with a couple of views each.

So, where are all the Canadian pro-lifers? Is the abortion issue just a lot more important in the States? How can we have that same momentum here in the great white north?

Update: Sweet post by Suzanne at Big Blue Wave here ... and some awesome ideas! I know at my high school we often had Coffee Houses for good causes - though never a pro-life cause (of course), even though we were a Catholic high school. But so many students got involved, and if there was a place for all of them to go, with an overall pro-life message where they could contribute, a lot of students would get involved ... and it would be a great way to get some people thinking :)


  1. Considering there are ten times fewer Canadians, and fewer Canadian pro-lifers, we're not doing too badly.

    Come on down to

    I regularly read all kinds of Canadian pro-life blogs. I also network on facebook.

    I'll be adding you to my list of blogs.

  2. Hi Suzanne!!! I actually follow your blog already, and I love it!

    That's a good point about there being fewer Canadians lol Never thought of that. Though I still wish we could get some pro-life news to come out of Canada, but I guess that's what happens when your prime minister and most of your mp's refuse to reopen the abortion debate -_-'