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Monday, 18 July 2011

Question of the Week:

This week I'm curious about YOU my readers :D

Select the option that best describes your beliefs.

1. I am pro-life and Christian.
2. I am pro-life and atheist.
3. I am pro-life and agnostic.
4. I am pro-life and Muslim.
5. I am pro-life and adhere to another religion.
6. I am not pro-life.

Vote on the poll to the left! :)

NOTE: Question of the week is lasting for two weeks this time :)

1 comment:

  1. So I might as well post the results now, and set up a new "Question of the Week" lol

    1. 71% are pro-life and Christian
    2. 8% are pro-life and atheist (awesomeee!!!)
    3. 2% are pro-life and agnostic
    4. 0% are pro-life and Muslim
    5. 5% are pro-life from a different religion
    6. 8% are not pro-life (also awesome, gotta have people from the other side reading our opinions so we can change hearts - hopefully!)