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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Disclaimer

Before you start, in case you are unable to tell, I have wanted to include this particular disclaimer in one of my posts for AGES now!

So, let us begin.

To all of you atheist/agnostic/secular people who comment on my blog/twitter - YES, I am a Catholic! I'm a really shitty Catholic - I sin a lot, I haven't gone to confession since grade school, and I always forget to go to mass on Sundays (or on any day of the week), but I am a Catholic nonetheless. I was baptized, I went through all the sacraments one could be expected to at my age, and, in spite of my overall failure at being faithful, I absolutely, wholeheartedly love my church. So, yes, I am Catholic, and if you decide that my being Catholic somehow precludes me from having any type of legitimate, well-thought-out, consistent opinion on anything, well ... please move along. I'm tired of dealing with you, and I am tired of being judged based solely on a label that you apparently do not understand. By all means, dislike me for my opinions and make fun of me for my ideals, but please make sure that what you dislike and what you make fun of actually exist before you open your traps and dismiss me for one small characteristic of my (overall) less-than-satisfactorily-Catholic self.

I am this ...

That being said, I am also a scientist (a real-honest-to-God-legitimate scientist - as in, someone who does experiments with fancy, high-tech, cutting-edge equipment that one built oneself - equipment, btw, that doesn't actually look as fancy or as high-tech as movies and TV shows like to pretend because really, when someone is trying to do something new, everything is a huge mess). Actually, I am currently in grad school. That's right. I'm getting my PhD, I love (and study) science, I'm a woman, and I'm pro-life, and I'm Catholic. Let your minds be blown. Catholic pro-lifers who are actually smart actually exist! *huge gasp*

... and this at the same time! Crazy, eh?

P.S. Chemistry is my least-favourite science.
But this was the most awesome science-y pic I could find.

I hope I've just blown away all of your Christian stereotypes (if you had any to begin with, and I hope you didn't).

This disclaimer has been included so that those of you reading know my biases, and can hopefully move past your own when dealing with the opinions of either religious people or scientific people when they are applied to either abortion or sex - or to anything at all, really.

So moral: Catholic women can be Catholic, pro-life, and science nerds all at the same time. :)

Also, read BadCatholic's "How to suck at your religion" to get a taste of just how annoying false stereotypes can be.

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