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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pro-choice Fail

Pro-choicers have been noticing the CCBR's New Abortion Caravan protest, which today was at Parliament Hill. Apparently CCBR was proving to be quite an inconvenience (many f-bombs were dropped). The best response I have seen so far?

So lets get this straight. Apparently, it doesn't matter that these children were brutally killed. But it does matter that images of their deaths are being used to protest and expose people to the reality of their fate - because, you know, that's exploitation and stuff. Ugh.


  1. Gruesome images are NOT illegal. They may be painful to see, but freedom of expression demands they be allowed. If the images of aborted babies are illegal, then I guess their won't be any more slasher films around, will there. The pictures of dead, mutilated babies are no worse than what you see in a slasher film.
    Personally, I'd prefer not to use the gruesome pictures of dead babies. But one woman, who does use them, told me that a woman came up to her with a baby in a stroller. This mother said said that seeing a picture of a dead, mutilated baby made her decide not to have an abortion. The little girl in her stroller had her life saved by a gruesome abortion photo. So I guess that proves these photos have their place. Although I fear how hurtful and upsetting it may be for small children who see these photos.

  2. Hey if they're so illegal, call the police!