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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Comments on Abortion Twitter Conversations

I've been wanting to go through some abortion twitter conversations for awhile now, and I've finally gotten around to it. Now, none of the statements some of these pro-choicers make are particularly strong arguments for abortion, but I just had to deal with some of these oft-repeated ideas. Hopefully someday soon no one will be repeating them anymore, because honestly pro-choicers, you do our job for us when you talk like this. Thanks so much ;)

Now lets start out with one of the most ignorant statements I've ever read:

I don't care if you're an atheist, rationalist, fucking queen of the fairies, if you're pro-life, I unfollow. B'bye.

Ohhh scary. I'm so sad that someone as rude and as frightened of opposing opinions won't be following pro-lifers on Twitter. Actually, I think it's quite pathetic that he or she advertises this fact. To willfully be ignorant of opposing ideas, and to brag about that fact in a day and age where knowledge is so valued, is quite disappointing.

 Kris King 

 And while  men should shut up and GTFO of the argument, prolife women should be ashamed for selling out their gender

Yes, I'm SO ashamed of trying to change our society's disgust with pregnancy and fertility (things that are still today, associated mostly with femininity! oh, the shame!), and to stop the horrific, sexist, and discriminatory practice which disproportionately end the lives of pre-born females and handicapped children. Even though I'm not the one trying to justify the killing of pre-born girls and boys, I'm apparently the one who's sold out my gender. To whome, I wonder?

When talking about the beginning of life versus the whole life, this is what some pro-choicers have to say:

 Realtin Connor 

 I'm not comparing "it to a draft of a car". I'm pointing out the problem with confusing "beginning of X" and "X".

I'm afraid basic mathematics and physics pretty much debunks your entire argument since most mathematical frameworks take "the beginning of x", xo, to be a part of the set of {x} as kind of a given - this is such an obvious given that I have never, in all of my years studying math and physics at the university and post-grad level, have had to provide a proof to demonstrate this. Even semantically, the fact that you are talking about the beginning of something is based on the assumption that you are still talking about that something. Hard to grasp, I know.

This conversation is also hysterical. When a pro-lifer asserts that a human being develops linearly from conception onwards, just claim that they are using circular reasoning and unsupported fact:


 A developing human develops from conception into more advanced stages of human, but remains human all along. 

 Realtin Connor 

 I like  circular reasoning & its penchant for calling its unsupported opinion "fact"! Says a lot! 

I don't really know what to say here, except clearly the pro-choicer is grasping at straws. Its a basic fact that human development starts at conception. Any other point along the development chain, and that human has existed at a previous point in time. For some reason though, this does not equate to human life for pro-choicers. Who's using odd reasoning now?

The best response to "when life begins" that I've seen is this one:

 Realtin Connor 

   Life began billions of years ago. Wanna keep swinging at air?  

Really. Wow. I think it is quite obvious that the pro-lifer was talking about individual, human lives. For instance, my life began at conception. Pretty sure I haven't been alive for billions of years. Way to be obtuse.

Now, this is my favourite conversation, because it just shows how ridiculous, rude, and close-minded some pro-choicers are:

 Todd Lusk 

 So your chicken farmer lady is a poultry abortionist!  See how dumb that sounds?  is Prolife.

Yes, we definitely see how dumb that sounds. Thank goodness all the pro-choicers I personally know and interact with don't talk like this, otherwise I would never have bothered to take the time to really research my beliefs, because what the heck is the point of learning more about abortion when this is the argument that pro-choicers come up with! And they clearly think that they are so clever and sarcastic. Now, if they were arguing against vegetarianism they might have a bit of a point. However, I'm not a vegetarian. Neither are many pro-lifers. We all, however, are not cannibals, as the majority of humans are not, so their argument pretty much breaks down at the analogy.


  1. It's difficult to debate this issue 140 characters at a time.

  2. which is why I posted my responses here :)

  3. You should check out R.J. Mandell's novel, "Killing Innocence" on and kindle. It is a thriller in a setting where abortion is once again illegal. Publishers Weekly gave it a thumbs up.

    1. Thanks for the referral, I'll check it out once I'm done with Ice and Fire :)