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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Question of the MONTH

So this Question of the Week is going to be Question of the Month instead!

This month's poll is about the dismal media coverage of the pro-life movement. I obviously have a bias though, and I want to know what you think! Also, how do you think we can get our views out there in the media? How do we get newspapers and congress to notices hundreds of thousands of protestors instead of ignoring the single biggest protest that happens every single year?


  1. There's lots of coverage of the abortion issue. The thing is, it's not always fair. As far as getting our views in the media: just talk about them! Blog about them! I would also add that there's an important cultural component that's missing in the pro-life movement. We don't have a lot of clout in the arts, literature and popular culture, especially here in Canada. If we want to change the conversation on abortion, that is where we have to change hearts.

  2. So only 3 people answered this one. Here's the breakdown:

    What do you think of mainstream media coverage of pro-life views and events?
    Fair - 0
    Biased and awful - 1
    They don't even bother - 2
    They shouldn't bother, Roe v. Wade is here to stay! - 0
    No opinion - 0