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Friday, 13 January 2012

Girl Denied Transplant due to Mental Disability

Please everyone, share this story with as many people as possible, and go to the facebook page of the CHoP to let them know what you think! A little girl named Amelia is being denied life-saving treatment due to her intellectual disability and concern over her quality of life 30 years down the road once her parents are no longer there to care for her. I can hardly believe that there are people, doctors and social workers no less, who would do and say such things to a beautiful young girl and her family. This type of discrimination is outrageous, and is all the more horrifying because it is directed at a child.

Details concerning this specific case from the Hospital have yet to be released, but you can read the family's testimony here.

2012/04/20 EDIT: Turns out that the public outcry had an amazing impact on this decision - Amelia is now (as of Feb 15 which was the most recent article I could find) being considered for a kidney transplant! How amazing that the public rallied around this beautiful little girl. This really gives me hope for others with disabilities - even amongst all of the media attention being devoted to why those with disabilities would not want to live (look here or here for recent examples), enough people saw Amelia's life as valuable (as all lives are) to make a difference.

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