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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quote of the Week: "I went into the ladies' and cried"

An Irish student describes her experience with pro-abortion rhetoric in the classroom:

"To know about foetal stem cell 'treatments' for Parkinson's patients i[s] one thing; to have a glowingly positive video about it foisted upon one at 9am on a Monday by a previously respected Neuroscience lecturer is quite another. [...] I look around, wondering at the perfectly calm, at least outwardly, reactions of my classmates. [...] We were then treated to 50 mins of the belittlement of the Pro-Life movement, the erroneous claim that foetal stem-cell research is a completely separate issue to the Abortion debate [and] the dissection of [a] 6-8 week old foetus. To make matters worse ... my grandmother died of Parkinson's [and] my aunt currently suffers from the disease. [...] I went into the ladies' and cried. I'm still shaking."
-Ailish Hathcock

Read more at Keep Ireland Pro-life

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  1. Thanks so much! I only found this now. That really was a rotten day. So ridiculous that the head of neuroscience at a well respected university can spout outmoded, defunct research as fact.