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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Karen Handel Discusses Komen Controversy

Here is the segment on Fox News where Karen Handel, the pro-life ex-executive for Komen, is interviewed regarding what had happened. I think she is handling everything wonderfully, considered Planned Parenthood and Komen essentially threw here under the bus. She refused to say anything bad about Komen, stressed that they do great work in spite of everything that had happened, and refused to discuss the inner workings of Komen or trash talk Nancy Brinker - in fact, doing just the opposite! What a lot of class, in my opinion.

On the other hand, most of the comments on the video, evidently written by self-proclaimed "educated", "inclusive", "pro-choice" advocates, are anything but. Apparently, anyone who disagrees with them, anyone who sees that PP is a controversial organization (something that is very self-evident!) and therefore decides to not continue their involvement with them, is completely disrespected. Here are a few choice quotes:

"Right-wing nut job!" -rgftown
"what a dumb bitch" -CrackEMcGee
"Karen is an uneducated, narcissistic hillbilly. She's like Sarah Palin on donuts." -disneylandman66
"People don't get offered a 'severance package' when they resign! They're presented with this paycheck when they are FIRED!!! You pay off someone to let them go!
Karen Handel, don't let the door hit you in your fat ol'Santorum-slimed redneck ass as you leave the building, you sanctimonious backward bigoted bitch!!" - witchwild
"what a fucking cow. I wish I could do illegal things to this heffer." -The12GagePump

Classy. Because, you know, only uneducated, rightwing, narcissistic, hillbillies and dumb, bigoted bitches and cows would ever believe that Planned Parenthood is a black mark on Komen.

Oh wait.

I'm not a redneck, right-winger, hillbilly, uneducated, a cow, or a bitch ... actually, I grew up in the city, come from an immigrant family that only votes liberal, am working on my Masters degree, and I'm not fat or bitchy - and I happen to agree with Karen and think she's handled this wonderfully. I especially love her statement that she refused the severance package because Komen is a nonprofit, and because she wanted to leave on her own terms.

Anyway, if you have a youtube account, go give Karen some love! Don't stoop down to the pro-choicer's levels though, because there's already a few "Christians" and "pro-lifers" throwing out equally awful language to the other side, and that gets us nowhere.

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