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"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Monday, 15 April 2013

Quote of the Week: "My baby's alive"

Failed abortions do happen.

Former abortionist Dr. Paul Jarrett tells of one of his experiences:

"Since hypertonic saline was so toxic if it was injected into the uterine wall instead of the amiotic sac; there was a constant search for the ideal drug. Prostaglandin has now become the drug of choice, but one of the early experiments was with hypertonic urea. The pajor disadvantage in using it, was the problem of live births. I remember using it on a patient that the psychiatric residence brought to us from their clinic from an institutionailized patient who really was crazy. I'll never forget delivering her nearly two pound baby, and hearing her screams, 'My baby's alive, my baby's alive.' It lived for several days."

Read more from clinic workers and abortion doctors at Clinic Quotes.

And don't forget, Planned Parenthood believes that a baby born alive after an abortion should be treated or killed according to the mother's and doctor's wishes.


  1. The only thing I can't understand about radical hardcore pro life people such as yourself is why you have to think its right to force your ideas on others? From a secular perspective it is a little more understandable, but those who make their choice based from religion are just delusional. If you believe that we are to go to hell from our choices then thats our choice to make. God created sin and hell for a reason. Theres no need for everyone to follow pro life; pro choice allows us all to decide on our own, just as God made us to.

    1. Full disclosure - I am nominally Catholic. But my pro-life beliefs are no dependent on my Catholicism. In fact, except in cases where I was specifically addressing religious questions, I am quite certain that I have never made a religious argument in favor of the pro-life side of this debate. So using God in your arguments will not convince me of anything.

      And finally, your reasoning is horrible. Based on your outlook on life, why make anything illegal at all? Why have a legal system, or prisons, or fines, or governments? God will send those who kill and maim and cheat and steal and rape to hell, so lets just make sure people can make their own decisions because that is why hell exists after all!

      Ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous. In order to figure out whether something should be legal or not, we need to look at one that something is. Pro-choice allows us to decide, on our own, whether or not we want to KILL OUR CHILDREN. That is not okay. Please read through my blog, or just go to the "Abortion Arguments" tab to see why pro-lifers believe this. And then come back and try to make an argument in favour of the pro-choice side of things.