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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Quote of the Week: "We are clear on this question"

From interim Liberal leader Bob Rae:

"We are clear on this question," he said. "The rights of women to choose, to have control over their own bodies, is not a right which is going to be taken away by the Parliament of Canada, and it is not a right which should be subject to some private member's bill which is going to affect the rights of women to have choice, to have genuine equality and to have full and complete access to the medicare and the health care that they need."

Read more at CBCNews.

Ugh. What is a Canadian to do?
On one side, we have Harper, who refuses to allow his caucus to open the debate on abortion.
On the other, we have the NDP, who treat abortion as a sacred cow.
And in the middle, we have the liberals, who equate killing our own children to "rights", "equality" and "necessary healthcare" (to paraphrase).

Seriously Canada, how many women have to be left behind, and how many people have to die before you wake up?

ASIDE: so sorry for the light blogging recently. I had a brief vacation before the start of term, and now I have a TONNE of things to prepare for (not the least, my new job as an advanced laboratory TA - so much to learn!!). Once I get back into the swing of things at school, I will return to blogging regularly. I have a lot of issues I want to address, so look forward to some epic posts! :)

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