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Monday, 30 April 2012

Sign Petition for Chen Guangcheng


Please sign and spread the word!

Jill Stanek and LiveAction have some great articles on where things currently stand.

UPDATE 03/04/2012:

Some other great articles from:

Chen was forced to leave the US embassy because his family's lives were threatened. "Like" the Free Chen GuangCheng Facebook page and make sure you sign petitions, tweet, or post about this story to help him and his family, and especially help the woman, He Peirong, who helped him escape and who is believed to have been detained by the Chinese government! This man and his supporters are ridiculously brave.

UPDATE 14/05/2012: An article from Catholic Lane

UPDATE 17/05/2012: An article from EWTN
                                     An article from Press of Atlantic City

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