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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Seeing Hope (4)

So, it's high time for another "Seeing Hope" blog post!

First, an awesome initiative from Feminists for Life: a national campus registry for pregnant and parenting students. Seriously SO AMAZING! Doing research for the University Series (which I have also sadly neglected for awhile) has shown me how hard it is to find help when you are on your own and pregnant. Hopefully we get / there is something like this for Canadian student mothers! In the meantime, I'll hurry up and update my small contribution. :)

Also wanted to include this neat initiative called Image Clear Ultrasound Mobile (I See You Mobile). They are a fleet of mobile ultrasound vehicles and pregnancy centres which go directly to women and show them their unborn babies. Cool idea, especially great for women who don't have access to a crisis pregnancy centres! You can follow them on Twitter as well at @icumobile.

For another great way to see hope, just go on Twitter and view the huge number of groups posting every day and getting the word out on life. Seriously, it has been inspiring for me.

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