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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

March for Life 2012!!!!

Tomorrow is March for Life 2012 in Ottawa!!!! I won't be going this year since I could not get the time off work/school :'( But I hope as many of you as possible are able to make it out! And if you're able to, make homemade signs - the personal touches really do pack a powerful punch. If, like me, you aren't able to attend, keep updated on the news and be sure to comment favorably on MSM news sources!

I'll be keeping a list of articles I come across which cover our March :)
CBC: Anti-abortion activists tell Harper debate is on
          Anti-abortion protestors demand Tories revisit issue
          Anti-abortion rally
          Anti-abortion protestors march on legislature 
CTV: Pro-life advocates rally on Parliament Hill
The Globe and Mail: Anti-abortionists march on Hill - and vent frustration with Harper
The National Post: Thousands of anti-abortion protestors shut down streets near Parliament Hill
The Toronto Star: Canada's pro-life movement gets slick, youthful rebranding
The Toronto Sun: Anti-abortionists call Harper 'cowardly' for not reopening debate
The Ottawa Citizen: A woman's right to health
                                 Anti-abortion movement rolling out new tactics
The Edmonton Journal: Anti-abortion movement moves to a new generation
Guelph Mercury: March by anti-abortion protestors shuts down Ottawa streets
London Free Press: Open the abortion debate
The Star Phoenix: Youth out in force at Ottawa anti-abortion rally Anti-abortion movement rolling out new tactics
Metro: Mayor defends city's pro-life proclamation ahead of National March for Life
Xtra!: March for Life takes over the Capital   
CNews: Thousands March for Life against abortion
Digital Journal: Thousands expected on Parliament Hill for 15th National March for Life
580 CFRA: March for Life Today
                   Pro-life protest in downtown Ottawa
680 News: Pro-life activists take aim at Harper over abortion issue
News 1130: Pro-life activists take aim at Harper
                    Pro-life advocates protest on Parliament Hill

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